Concept of site ( Read it before use ! )
The concept is very easy . You write a email to a stranger. This concept is totally new and you can get some friends.


When you write the first message , it will be send to another member of the site , who is a stranger to you. Of course , your privacy life is safe. Your real email is not given. So, don't be afraid to use ours service.
  • On your first connection , we ask you about some informations ( firstname / gender / age ).
    And you can choice the maximum rate of email by day.

  • Bee carreful, you can't send offsensive/aggressive/nasty message. The team can suspend your account if you do that.

  • If you have got a phone (iphone or other) , the site can be view on

  • If you have got some problems with a stranger on the site, you can block it.

  • You can modify the number of email receive when you want. - Mail a stranger

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Registration Quick Guide
  1. Write a mail for a (an) unknown (e) introducing me
  2. Spin the wheel!
  3. Get the validation code in my inbox
  4. Choose password

  5. Connecting with strangers!